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About Us

I know you are probably wondering why I have titled this page "About Us".

At present it is only myself, having founded my Hornsby based company in 2010. However each big thing starts with small steps. So let me introduce myself:

My name is Andrea Lister and I am originally from Berlin (West), Germany. My passion for bookkeeping goes back to my school-time as I had this subject as one of my majors in my German HSC. After the HSC I did a bank apprenticeship, which meant I learned bookkeeping/accounting again from the banks perspective. This was followed by working for the same bank in the internal audit department in London for 2 yrs. Having a family sidetracked me away from bookkeeping for a long while. Until I decided in 20007 it is time to get serious again about working as the kids were now all in Highschool. I achieved a High Distinction in my Certificate III for Bookkeeping for small businesses. Worked for other bookkeeping businesses for a time and took the plunge to work for myself back in 2010.

No sooner had I started the business that I found out that the Certificate III is not enough to run the business and to become a BAS agent. I enroled and accomplished the Certificate IV which added substantial value to my services. You are reading these pages, because you are looking for a good bookkeeper. Whether or not you will decide to contact me, please make sure that the bookkeeper you are finally deciding on has his/her Certificate IV in Bookkeeping/Accounting. There is a lot more to bookkeeping than people imagine!

I also became a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and the Australian Bookkeepers Network. These are Bookkeepers Associations which help us bookkeepers to enhance our skills and to keep improving our knowledge. I feel it is very important for my clients to know that I am constantly refreshing, updating and improving my skills for them.

Now here is where the "Us" is coming into play: I am not only a bookkeeper, I am running a bookkeeping business around the Hornsby area of Sydney. My goal is to have 6 highly qualified bookkeepers working in my business with me, sharing the same passion I have for helping people to become more empowered around their finances. In order to get to this I have recently aquired the licence for the "Pure Bookkeeping System"

This Pure Bookkeeping system has been established and finetuned by Debbie Roberts for the last 10 yrs as highly effective and excellent in impeccable bookkeeping. It gives me a complete system to assure that each client gets the same high level standards of bookkeeping I am expecting from myself and my co-workers. I am already using it in my business now and it won't be long before I will take on my first co-worker. Whom I will then introduce to you on this page!