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Welcome to my Bookkeeping Service

My name is Andrea Lister and I'm running my bookkeeping business in the Hornsby area.

I know how tedious many people feel about the bookkeeping side of their business. They love the business, however keeping the books up to date is just not their passion. Well I've got good news.....its mine!

Did you know that many small businesses fold in the first 3 years, because they neglected to look at budgets, cashflow and just keeping the books up to date?
Have you been one of the many who just collect the invoices, receipts and bankstatement to do it all just at the end of the financial year and then find out how tedious a job it is?

Many people also think that it is just too expensive to have a bookkeeper. However if you let your Tax accountant do your bookkeeping he/she will still charge you an accountant hourly fee for that, which is on average double of what a bookkeeper would charge you.

I know about all this, because I was one of those small business owners. I'd much rather spend my time with my family and friends instead of with the books after I had worked the day in my business.
Because I wanted to understand my finances better I did a Bookkeeping for Small Businesses Diploma  including MYOB. I loved it! I had real fun in learning all the bookkeeping and applying it- so much so that I decided to help other small business owners with their books..

I can help you establish a manual bookkeeping system, transfer your present bookkeeping to MYOB or Xero and of course help you in keeping your books up to date. Whether you just want to keep it simple or because business is growing & you need to start to have payroll, inventory etc.,

I can help you.

Just fill out your contact details  and I give you a call to have a chat. I can come after hours or you can come to me. No problem. Please make sure you indicate what time I should call you to set the appointment.

Lets get you on course for more balance between business and life, by keeping your books up to date. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your books are impeccably kept and everything you need for the Accountant and Taxman is at your fingertips.

Talk to you soon.

Your bookkeeper


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