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AL Bookkeeping Business Story

Starting my business

- Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Having made the decision to get up and run a business by myself I found out that it is not as simple. There are many aspects one stumbles across in the course of starting and building your business.

Qualifications are one. I can tick that one having done my Finance Cert with High Distinction.✔

Will I run as a Sole Trader or as registered company? I decided to go for registered company, because I want to build my business up to a larger scale. There goes the first few hundred dollars to get registered with ASIC. ✔

Insurances are next.✔

Professional Association Memberships - which one is the one you should join? Easy answer is as many as you can. However if your cashflow is not so crash hot in the beginning start with one and build up with growth of the business. ✔

How do you get started finding a customer base? Now that was a bit more work involved. First I just started with a very humble
little webpage and listed it through Sensis. Cost was about $600 for the year, but it helped me find my first 4 customers.

Giving excellent customer service and making sure that I gave a fast turnover with the work helps me to receive referrals
from existing clients - thanks everyone! I have a keen interest in all my clients ventures and try to gain industry knowledge wherever
possible. A good understanding of the industry of my clients is vital for me in order to give excellent service.

Still the gaining of new customers to a satisfactory number is ongoing and slow. 

I am learning that the starting business period is a period where you work a lot on your business, not only in your business.

When you focus on your goal and visions, it is almost eerie how sometimes new connections are popping up out of the blue.
I had known and cherished personal mentoring for almost 10 yrs and now thinking about my own business was looking for ways to 
receive business coaching. I was only in the first phase of mulling these thoughts over, when I got approached by ABBY Business Coaching and gladly joined. A business mentor really keeps you focused and on track. And if you  think about the value they can add to your business through getting you going - fantastic.

Since joining I have got a much clearer vision of what I am aiming for with my business, how to help my clients even better and achieving goals. I have doubled my client base. It might not seem much since the business is just starting, however it is measurable
way of being on the way.

At the moment I am learning more about  building a better and more successful website. Even a bookkeeper needs a good web presence. I have also learned about ways how I can work for clients who might not be local through accessing their computers online and working with their files. No need to drive down as frequently as the traditional bookkeeping methods required it. Never fear, I still value  the personal contact with my clients very much, being the people person I am. As you are reading the blog you have found my website. It is a work in progress. I am envisioning a website which will be helpful with all sorts of hints & tips for the small business owners. So keep popping in and having a look. Maybe you even like to join my newsletter I am sending out on a bi-monthly time.