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Al Bookkeeping is proud to support 50four50

The idea behind 50four50 is to get 50 people to commit to supporting 50 projects that will improve the life of someone else. That is 50 people for 50 projects.

Examples of projects  include:
(see more up to to date project list here at 50four50 website)  

  Clean Water Filters in Rwanda  


One Day's Wages  

  Famine Relief for the Horn of Africa  

the Shack

Welfare Aid in Nambour

The Grey Man

Positive action against child sex trade

The Fred Hollows Foundation 

Restoring sight to developing world

Charity : Water

Clean, safe water to developing countries
Mostly through well drilling

Nothing But Nets

Mosquito Nets to Africa


Micro-financing projects

The Eden Project

Worldwide Reforestation

Nuru International

Fight Against Extreme Poverty

Living Goods

Health Product Distribution Network

Modilon Hospital

Medical equipment for hospital in PNG

View video


Innovative Aid Projects in the Horn of Africa

View video

The Yonkofa Project

Sustainable Healthcare in Ghana

View video

Playground Builders

Turning Battlegrounds into Playgrounds

View video

The Fistula Foundation

Surgery to reverse obstetric fistula


Hands for Africa

Prosthetic Limbs for Amputees

View video

Indigenous Community Volunteers

Individualised aid to Aborigional communities


Tasmanian Bushfire Victims

Aid to the victims devastated by bushfires


One Acre Fund

Empowering Africa's poorest farmers


Kakenya's Dream

Improving the lives of girls in Maasai Kenya



Transforming human wastes into resources in Haiti.


Potential Energy

Clean Efficient stoves; Sudan and Ethiopia


Swags for Homeless

Waterproof, Windproof Portable Shelter
for the Homeless



Cure children of intestinal parasites


Women's Foundation of Nepal

Supporting Women's Healthcare
and social needs in Nepal


Why not join me and contribute to a very worthwhile cause at 50four50 .


Albookkeeping is proud to sponsor Happy & Alice through the Blessed to Bless sponsorship program.

Alice lives with her mother, aunt, brother and two cousins.  They do not have running water, and they have a pit latrine.  
Happy is an orphan whose parents both passed away in 2010:  he lives with his paternal aunt, uncle and cousins  -  he is an only child.  They do not have running water or electricity in their cottage  -  they use a pit latrine.

Our sponsorship for these children will provide uniforms and shoes, books and stationery, and a nourishing lunch each day at school.  They will also be cared for if any medical issue should arise, and their families will come under the pastoral care of the Blessed to Bless school board and social worker.